The Seventh Summit(2016)

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分类:纪录片  地区:卡塔尔  年份:2016 


导演:Elia Youssef / 




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Plot Summary:The Seventh Summit is the story of mountaineers who took on the Seven Summits Challenge in 2009. Less than 350 people to date have accomplished this challenge. Sheikh Mohammed Al Thani was the first Qatari to climb Mt. Everest and his two friends, Raed Zidan as the first Palestinian man to climb Mt. Everest, \u0026 Massoud Kalafji, from Iran. They had summited 6 of the 7 summits together, and now face the challenge of summiting Mt. Denali in Alaska, as their seventh and final summit. Suzanne Al Houby, the first Arab woman \u0026 Palestinian to summit Mt. Everest is a friend of theirs and she too had finished 6 of the 7 summits with Mt. Denali also remaining, to accomplish her title and be the first Arab woman to reach all 7 summits so she decided to join them on their adventure. Mt. Denali is one of the hardest expeditions with only a 40 to 50% success rate of reaching the summit. Suzanne attempted Mt. Denali 3 times before but failed because of the very tough weather conditions. This will be her fourth and final attempt so she will give it her best shot. They face a lot of difficulties and get stuck in a storm that was announced to be the longest storm ever recorded on Mt. Denali. But they still haven't lost hope and keep on pushing to reach the summit.






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