The Bringing Out of Papa(1913)

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分类:喜剧 短片 家庭  地区:美国  年份:1913 


导演:瑞尔夫·因斯 / 





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Plot Summary:By the death of a relative, Mr. Dean, a bookkeeper, suddenly finds himself a rich man. At once, his family become exceedingly ambitious to shine in society. Papa Dean has always been under the subjugation of his wife and now she becomes more domineering than ever. Poor Dean is escorted about from store to store where she and her daughters purchase elaborate gowns and indulge in all sorts of luxuries. After they are thoroughly outfitted. Papa is taken to a fashionable tailor's and clothed in the most appropriate apparel and furnished, in their opinion, as a gentleman of his wealth should be. They move to a hotel, attend the opera and eat in swell restaurants. Papa Dean, in his full dress suit and knickerbocker trousers, is a sight to behold. He creates a sensation and no end of laughter. He is so indignant he forgets to open his opera hat and places it like a plate on the top of his head, which brings forth more peals of mirth from the diners. Mrs. Dean and the girls are so puffed up with themselves, their heads are so elevated, they are in danger of falling over on their backs. Their one great ambition is to possess the Carmon jewels, which they have seen at Biffany's. A pair of precious rascals get news of this and try to pass off a fake imitation of the jewels on old man Dean. Fortunately, he is called up by Biffany's on the telephone and becomes wise to the attempted swindle. He has the men arrested and saves his cash. This bit of good luck which Papa Dean announces to his family, as an evidence of his great shrewdness, raises him as a hero in the estimation of his family. His daughters compliment and caress him and Mamma Dean is obliged to acknowledge that he is a little more than mere man.




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